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"In my art making I always try to create works that have a sense of mystery or magic to them. The process of creation is often a form of cathartic meditation for me, and my hope is that the results will also have some meaning for or at least give some pleasure to viewers. What I am interested in creating is something that dwells on the edge of physical representation where the outer physical world mingles with our inner subconscious versions of reality.


My making is usually rooted in landscape drawing, painting and often the act of exploring and photographing natural areas. I also explore the sculptural manipulation and re-assemblage of reclaimed wood and other elemental materials found and collected over a lifetime of making. Sometimes these constructions are combined with kinetic energy and sound in the form of interactive installations.


All of these elemental materials we extract from nature remind me of the profound importance of the relationship between our physical and metaphysical existence, where transformation through time is inevitable but where awareness of our own journey can influence outcomes along the way. I have always been interested in observing, reflecting upon and being in the landscape and as a genre I believe whether traditional or contemporary, it can generate awareness and is still useful to society through its ability to evoke mysterious and primal states of being and to provoke thought on issues of human identity and healing."

                                                                                           Vincent Twardzik Ching, 2022

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