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Vincent Twardzik Ching is a Canadian born artist residing in Singapore since 2001, His practice, rooted in drawing and painting also includes environmentally conscious installations that often involve sustainable power generation. He is the recipient of an Honourable Mention Award in the prestigious Phillip Morris Asean Art Awards in 2001/2003. and has exhibited in Singapore at the Singapore Art Museum, Sculpture 2052, The Private Museum, Trispace at Lasalle College of Art, Yavuz Gallery, Alliance Francaise and The Substation amoung others and internationally in Japan at the Tenjinyama Artist Residency and Nica gallery.

Double Cancellation.jpg

Holding a Masters of Education in Visual Art, the artist is known for his enthusiastic promotion and development of the valuing of the Arts in society and in education. He is an accomplished Arts Educator across a variety of environments including Higher Education drawing and painting, Visual Arts for At-Risk and Underprivileged Children, Early Childhood Arts Education and Special Needs Arts Education.

..."What I was seeing were wonderful, magical arrangements that fate and time have brought together, the way the grass grew to extraordinary heights near a public footpath during the most intense period of the pandemic, a temporary rivulet formed on the edge of the jungle after a rainstorm..."

Ulu One.jpg

"Seeing visual things that others may not see at first has always been a trait of mine, friends used to wonder, "why is he always looking around with such enthusiasm at alleyways, ditches and thistles?"...

Clumps of Tall Grass and a Barrier, 2020, charcoal on 200gsm paper, 59 x 42cm

Double Cancellation, 2022, brass, steel, oil and speaker coil on wood and canvas, 33 x 28 x 11cm

Ulu One, 2023, charcoal on paper, 42 x 30cm

..."These places and moments contain an infinite type of inspiration, here the rejuvenating effects and awesome power of the natural world vibrate with energy and meaning and our presence is humbled."

Tenjin Lamp, 2023, en plein air charcoal on Fabriano ivory sketch paper, 42 x 30cm

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